Most stains can be removed with cold water using a rag, sponge, brush, or your hands. For stubborn stains, a mild soap (such as Castile soap, dish soap, or canvas cleaners) can be used – But do not use harsh detergents, as this may damage the waxed coating. If you find your waxed canvas shows water spots after being in the rain or exposed to water, simply apply a little heat with a blow dryer to reset the wax and even out the tone.


The waxed coating may wear thin over time, and can be re-waxed if desired. 24 to 72 hours is recommended to allow items to cure in a warm, dry place before use. I recommend OTTER WAX out of Portland ,Oregon which sells wax bars at a reasonable cost that contain no petroleum bi-products, and are made by hand with their mission being to support their local community by providing local employment opportunities, and by purchases bulk ingredients from local manufacturers.


The leather used in these bags, is veg tanned Italian leather, which will soften with age.

Vegetable tanning is the true “chromium free” method, and does not have any harmful chemicals. It is an old world process that takes advantages from the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species by using barks, branches, leaves, and even some fruits in specific techniques. Production time is approximately 2 months, and values a slower life and eco-sustainable industry.

HARDWARE: Antique brass

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